Sunday Salon 18 June

London. This week. With thanks to Silvery Dude for the picture.

In which I have forgotten everything I did this week because it’s 30 degrees outside and too hot for sensible Londoners; my brain is not capable of rational thought.

Books read

Still haven’t finished anything but did make some further progress with Nyctophobia. I am determined to finish it this week. DETERMINED, I tell you.

Books bought

Other stuff of interest

  • It was a movie heavy week for me, starting with The Mummy (enjoyable nonsense), a rewatch of John Wick (in preparation for watching John Wick 2) and most importantly Wonder Woman which was all kinds of awesome.
  • In four weeks time I will be retired, and I can’t pretend that I’m not excited
  • You might have seen news of the awful fire at Grenfell House in London; a work colleague was involved (he and his family are now safe) and the rest of my organisation has rallied round and raised a fantastic amount of money. At a time when the news is all about how horrible people are to each other it’s heartening to see such kindness.

A quiet and still very warm week coming up; hope you all have a good one 😀



2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon 18 June

  1. I do keep forgetting about Celsius and so when you say 30 degrees…it’s been hot here in the states too, but cooling down going into this weekend here where we live. I haven’t been reading much either, thanks/no thanks to a book sale at the library where I work. Hopefully I can pick it back up soon.


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