Sunday Salon 12 February

img_0534How did it get to be almost the middle of February already? This will be a round-up for the past couple of weeks; I missed last week because I had the cold from hell and was sofa-bound for a few days.

Week of 30 January :-

  • It was my birthday on 31 January. I am now 55 and celebrated by going to see Donny Osmond in concert in London. I have been in love with him since I was 11 and had never seen him live before. It was awesome
  • Generous presents from the Book God et al. Round-up of the book portion can be found here
  • I saw A Monster Calls at the cinema. I haven’t reviewed the book yet but I finished it waiting for a train to Manchester and found myself crying on the concourse. I spent the last 25 minutes of the film in tears

Week of 5 February:-

  • Quite a successful reading week. Managed to finish (but have not yet reviewed)
    • The Litany of Earth, a short story by Ruthanna Emrys which is wonderfully Lovecraftian and I have now pre-ordered her novel set in the same universe
    • Nod by Adrian Barnes – insomnia triggered dystopia set in Vancouver. Grim and gripping.
    • Knocked Out Loaded by Michael Jantze – graphic novel using the characters from The Norm, one of my favourite comic strips.
  • New books coming into the Bride’s library (noting that I am on a no spend this month so with one exception these are all pre-orders)
    • Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology because why wouldn’t I?
    • Book of American Martyrs by Joyce Carol Oates because she is one of my favourite authors
    • 100 Hugs by Chris Riddell because I needed some self care after a medical appointment and just happened to be near Daunts bookshop with some cash


  • Reading The Annihilation Score by Charles Stross because I love the Laundry series
  • Watching Legion – it is amazing and I think we’re only a week behind the US which is cool (unlike Agents of Shield which has only just started over here and I have to avoid spoilers crazy)
  • Listening to podcasts at every available opportunity. And Donny of course 😀
  • On target for my reading goals this year; so far at least.

Have a great week!




One thought on “Sunday Salon 12 February

  1. I had to smile about you seeing Donny Osmond this week. I will be seeing Elton John this coming week. The musicians from our childhood/teen years are always the ones we want to go and see. I’ve read A Monster Called but didn’t know it was a movie. I bet it is a tear-jerker. Have a good week. Happy Belated Birthday.
    My Sunday Salon


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